English word & calculate problems       英語計算問題

英語計算問題のコーナーです。  英語力と暗算力を同時に鍛え、実践的な楽しい問題です。

Solve each problem .Write the answer .

■Circus came to our town. The first person in line bought 13 tickets. The second person bought 8 tickets. How many tickets were bought by the first 2 people in line?

■ 37 children had rabbits for pets. 88 children had hamsters . How many hamsters were there than rabbits? _________________ hamsters_

■ On Christmas season , first day the toy shop sold 143 dolles. Second day 165 dolles were sold , third day 178 dolles were sold. How many dooles were sold in all ?________dolles

■ In the forest. Onemorning, 478 ants were outside the hill and 389 ants were inside the hill. How many more ants were outside the hill?________________________ants

■Ken picked up 6 ice creams. He found 3 more. How many ice creams altogether?

■You are in the Aquarium now. You can see the many fishes here. 58 fish are gold and 63 fish are yellow. How many more yellow fish than gold fish?

■ You are in the supermarket now. 23 girls and 38 boys bought pickles. How many more boys bought pickles?____________boys